>>> The second transnational meeting and collaborative event was hosted by UBBSLA

The second transnational meeting and collaborative event was hosted by UBBSLA

The second transnational meeting was held online on 12th of May with the participation of the project partners. The main focus was put on the core implementation activities related to identification of the geolocations within the six UNSECO sites across partner territories, research and documentation and follow-up digitalization due project course. The partner roles were distributed based on their capacities and expertise and specific timeframe was set.

The collaborative partner event and the first local stakeholder meeting complemented the partners meeting and were oriented towards digitalization opportunities in tourism and visualization of the fundamental history and heritage of Nessebar as the only UNESCO site in the Bulgarian Black Sea region. Over twenty stakeholders and partner organizations from the six operating partners attended as participants. Mrs Ivelina Todorova from the University of Economics in Varna talked more about the technologies in tourism sector and the opportunities provided by digital services tailored to seniors and tourist actors. Mr Martin Zhelev, expert from the Museum of Ancient Nessebar presented the landscape archaeology and models for reconstruction of the ancient living environment around Nessebar followed by a promotional film for this UNESCO site. The stakeholders discussed the possibilities for collaboration within the project timelime so that the digital applications would serve the wider promotion of Nessebar in the online environment in the Black sea area and beyond.

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