The project team members share their impressions of the study visit in Bulgaria

For the second meeting the partners had the opportunity to travel to Bulgaria and visit the old town of Nessebar, the only UNESCO place on the Bulgarian Black Sea. They had the chance to see the Roman fortification wall and visit he Archaeological museum, the churches of St. Spas, St. Stefan and the Basilica St. Sofia, as well as get to know the local history and heritage this place has preserved throughout time. During the evaluation workshop organized the next day, the distinctive features of the location, as well as its cultural and historic essence revealed by researches, stories and legends were discussed . The partners also analyzed common traits and assets, habits, traditions, etc. that would be considered in developing the Cultural Corridor.

By means of study visits to partner countries, the members of the project implementation team have the opportunity to know more about the sites, their history and to assess in what way these could be presented to local and international visitors.

👉The study visit which was held in Bulgaria was a very stimulating event for several reasons. First of all, Nessebar city, which is the pilot Project of the Bulgarian partner, is a very unique place, since it has a lot of churches in a defined and relatively small area. It was a very touching visit, that felt like traveling back in time and walking the streets of  ancient Nessebar. Moreover, the information sharing among the partners during the visit was very effective. All different countries and all differrent people have something to tell and there is something to learn from each one of them. This is one of the most satisfying features of such study visits.” stated, Elifnaz AKDENIZ, representative of the Turkish project implementation team.


Cultural heritage is a result of the work of entire generations. Creating traditions and inheriting works of art, our ancestors left a part of them so that today we can admire the past.
👉 Elena Simeonova, participant in the study visit, considers that it is a strong point that civilizations have left their traces still visible, and this fact also declares respect for human life and presence.







☝️ To preserve our heritage and strive for a happy future is our credo.

😉 Also considered by Nikos Thomaidis, Lead Partner in the Heripreneurship project.





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