The President of ANTRIM and the Heripreneurship project manager from Moldova participated in the Vision of Chisinau conference

Natalia Turcanu, president of the National Inbound Tourism Association (ANTRIM), implementing partner, as well as Tatiana Lupascu, Heripreneurship project manager from Moldova, participated in the Vision of Chisinau conference, organized by the creative industries development centre Artcor. Speaking on the tourism potential panel, the two specialists shared with the participants and online viewers what the capital of Moldova, Chisinau, can offer to tourists and what the companies and organizations from the tourism industries can do to improve the experience of the visitors.
ANTRIM is the voice of the private sector from the inbound tourism industry of Moldova. The members of the association believe in Moldova’s potential and are making consistent effort to provide authentic true experiences to tourists, focusing on the values and traditions of the Moldovan people.

The video recording of the Vision of Chisinau conference


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