The E-course officially starts on 3rd of October

The training programme within HERIPRENEURSHIP will officially start on 03.10.2022 as part of the project implementation. It will provide an experience exchange and learning possibilities for heritage managers, tourism and CCI businesses, AV and multimedia professionals to manage information, visualize data and trends and communicate achievements.

The HERIPRENEURSHIP e-course is based on 6 module programme which aims to provide understanding of the experience economy in interrelation with tourism, heritage management and the Culture and Creative industries. The duration of the e-course is 6 months, 1 month to each of the 6th modules offered:

  1. Tourism Industry.
  2. Heritage Management.
  3. Tourism Planning.
  4. Tourism Marketing.
  5. Cultural Communication.
  6. Cultural and Creative Industries.

Experienced facilitators will be guiding the process in English language through assistance, provision of real stories and experiences, tutoring actions on the latest achievements in the area. Interested users can be enrolled to the course via the following link:

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