Study visit in Türkiye, May 2023

Eastern Black Sea Silk Road: the Pilot Route of DOKA

The Eastern Black Sea Development Agency (DOKA) was the primary host of the fifth study visit in the period 30th April – 3rd of May in Trabzon, Turkey. The event gathered the partner representatives, their stakeholders and local actors who got aware of the local characteristics and elements of the pilot route developed within the project. During the study visit, a press conference, a workshop to evaluate the locations and a strategic meeting of the project partners was organized. These events provided the opportunity for project participants to discuss strategies and make plans for the project’s continuation.

The partners from of all six countries experienced some of the geolocations of local and national importance:

On 1st of May, they visited Akcakale Castle, the most important military base on the seaside where the control and security of maritime trade was ensured. This monument was an importance defense gate of Trabzon, dated back to medieval period.

The second stop was a Historical Mansion in Ortamahalle which enabled the participants to feel the local atmosphere and traditions.

Little Ayvasil Church or St. Anna Church was the third point where the partners and stakeholders learnt more about the religious attitude people had from antiquity till the past century.

Entering the Museum of history in Trabzon, the represented partners fell into the past full of crafts, traditions and customs where they found many similarities between cultures and multi-diverse nations across the Black Sea.

The study visit continued the next day with a visit to Sumela monastery, one of fifth most visited places in Turkey, a significant culture heritage monument with huge traces back to the history of religious formations and historical presence.

During the followed evaluation workshop the partners discussed the strengths and weaknesses of the Eastern Black Sea Silk Road project of DOKA and its potential for visitor attraction in the region of Trabzon. The also partners discussed the proposed tours around the pilot locations, highlighting the values and messages they bring.

Within the project, several ebooks will be made for selected destinations, which will be available on the app store and google play platform, and at the same time, a Heritage Game will be created, which will emphasize the cultural importance of the local heritage.

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