A Study visit for HERIPRENEURSHIP partners in Georgia to discover this unique and untouched country

The partners followed the Georgian pilot project during the 3-days Study visit

The State University of Telavi (TESAU) hosted the study visit in Georgia during the period 27th – 30th November 2022 as part of the project. The partner representatives of all six countries met to experience some of the geolocations set in the pilot route to be launched by TESAU.

Monasteries Jvari and Samtavro, Svetistkhoveli Church around the town of Mtsheta were the first stops on 28th of November, where the partners were acquainted with the historical development of the country at the side of the religious tension of the Christianity.

The next day the partners had a guided tour in Telavi, the capital of Kakheti region, to reveal the intrinsic characteristics and development of the town within the overall Georgian history.  Among the stops, part of which of the tourist route, were the over 900 year old Giant plane tree, the monument of King Heraclius II, the Historical museum complex with diverse natural, domestic and folk exhibitions and the palace of Kind Erekle II.

The polyphonic music is the hallmark the Georgians have labeled and still preserved as intangible heritage. As a UNESCO asset, it will guide the project concept at the level of transmission of experiences and emotions within HERIPRENEURSHIP project to further audiences and communities.

Polyphonic music as part of the Georgian pilot project:

The study visit continued with an international workshop at the premises of the University of Telavi where the pilot project of Georgia was presented to representatives of local administrations and authorities, general public and media  from Kakhetia region.

During the followed evaluation workshop and partners’ meeting, the partners discussed the key values and aspects that the brand new Georgian pilot project would contribute to the HERIPRENEURSHIP tourism route to create and motivate new mobility patterns among tourists and visitors in the BSB area and beyond.

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