Stakeholder consultation event, organized by ANTRIM this summer

On July 13, 2022, took place a stakeholders’ consultation event with public authorities, tour operators and representatives of the creative industry at the Tourist Information Center of Chisinau. The objectives of the event were:

  1. Promotion and exposure of the HERIPRENEURSHIP project in the public environment.
  2. To attract and determine the future members of the project to understand the philosophy of the project, the necessary skills and the services required in a competitive and highly extroverted industry such as tourism, which would define the right steps and actions for the development of new business models and increased capacities to successfully approach the connected consumer market.
  3. Consultation with stakeholders about the importance and necessity of such a cross-border project for establishing partnerships with European countries.

The Stakeholder consultation event, organized by National Association for Inbound and Domestic Tourism in Moldova (ANTRIM), defined a new force of stakeholders to make tourism businesses remain responsive to the market demand and needs. The event provided an enabling environment for the creation of an active collaborative scheme in the 3 spheres of the economy, society and administration with political decision-makers and decision-makers. The scheme will be finalized by the legal registration of the statutory network CB TOURISM BUSINESS NETWORK, the heiress of HERIPRENEURSHIP. Establishing alliances for stakeholder skills, CB TOURISM BUSINESS NETWORK becomes in the medium term receptive to the needs of the tourism market, expecting a smart, sustainable and inclusive growth of BSB 2022.

A total number of 30 people participated, among them representatives of the tourist industry tour operators (Tatrabis; Goadventure; Moments&Travel; Chateau Vartely Winery; Redescoperă Moldova), public institutions (Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Moldova; Invest Moldova Agency; National Museum of History of Moldova; Cultural-Natural Reservation “Orheiul Vechi”; Chisinau city hall) and representatives of the creative industry (BR Media Group)

The State Secretary of Ministry of Culture – Andrei Chistol expressed his support and support of the Ministry on the initiative to collaborate for the creation of a long-term cultural tourism product. It is also necessary to cooperate with the creative industry in modernizing and interpreting the traditional symbols into a modern and attractive version of history and culture for tourists.

Additionally, Roman Burlaca, the director of BR Media Group – a hub with full service, for production and promotion in the Republic of Moldova talked about the need to popularize the traditional symbols from the Moldovan carpets in an attractive environment such as music videos, music covers, publishing. He came up with the example of a Moldovan national rock band that used traditional symbols in the musical performance at Eurovision 2022. This is a good method of promoting the Moldovan history and cultural heritage abroad the country.

In conclusion, based on the positive reception from the stakeholders the event was a successful one. They were involved in consultative discussions regarding the importance and necessity to promote the traditional symbols on the Moldovan carpet through the prism of this project.

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