Questionnaire to investigate Stakeholder Skills Needs in the Tourism and the Audiovisual Media 

One of the main goals of Heripreneurship project is diversification of skills for tourism professionals. In order to evaluate entrepreneurial needs and skill needs in tourism and the AV and Media Sector and the capacity to identify a new generation of smart heritage tourism products and services tailored to the connected consumer market, an extended survey is being organized within the project. If you are a professional in one of the fields mentioned below, we encourage you to help us collect the information we need, by participating in the survey.
🎬Cultural and creative industries: Film, TV and radio/Photography, writing and publishing/Performing arts venue operation/Visual arts, music, theatre and comedy/Dance, circus, opera and orchestra/Artists VR/AR/Games publishing and development/Libraries, art galleries and museums/Set, lighting and production design
📺Advertising market: Advertising agencies / Advertising design/Marketing and placement of advertising time / areas
🎥Broadcasting and TV Industry Sector: Freelance journalists and press photographers/Radio broadcaster/Film broadcaster/Journalists/ Presenters and film directors/Photographers, cameramen, sound engineers, other technicians/Provision of services for the radio and TV
🎞Audiovisual Sector: Independent theater, motion picture, television artist/Film / TV Production/Post-production / other film technology/Film distribution and film rental/Cinemas/Retail of sound recordings/Video rental shop/Play rooms (AR, VR)
👩‍🎤Performing Arts Sector: Independent stage-, film-, TV-artists/Self-employed artists, circus/Theater companies/Theater- and concert organizers/Music and concert halls/ music and concert halls / playhouse/ escape room playhouse/ escape room / Varieté theaters and cabarets/services for the performing arts
🖼GLAM Sector: Libraries and archives/Museums, Galleries and Collections/Freelance translators/Freelance heritage interpreters/Photographic laboratory/Other Laboratory Software, Games and IT Sector: Publishing of computer games/Web portals /Development and programming of Internet presentations/Other software development
🎤 Music Industry Sector: Self-employed musicians/Music- / dance ensemble/Recording studios, production of radio broadcasting/Music publishers/Theater- / concert organizers/Retail of sound recordings/Manufacture of musical instruments
🖌Design Industry Sector: Industrial product and fashion design/Graphic and communication design/Interior decoration/Advertising design (50% share)/Manufacture of jewelry, gold- and silversmith
🗺 Other sector: Hotel/Tourism company/State Organization/DMO (Destination Marketing Organization)

Follow the link to participate in the survey: >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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