One week discovering Romania together with HERiPRENEURSHIP!

FINAL PROJECT EVENT: Study visit. Evaluation Workshop. Project Partners Meeting. Fam Tour & Press Tour. International Conference. HERiPRENEURSHIP ICC Roving Fair.

5-11.06.2023 / Tulcea, Romania

Romania, as part of the HERiPRENEURSHIP, is a country rich in sites. The Romanian project partner “Danube Black Sea” University Foundation kindly hosted the Final International Conference § Study visit in Tulcea during the period 5th – 11th of June 2023. All partners, national stakeholders, guests and speakers had the chance to discover the hidden treasures of the Danube Delta thanks to the extremely extensive and valuable program, prepared by the team of the “Danube Black Sea” University Foundation. The two days study visits to 10 mesmerizing locations included in the project provided an opportunity to see the Danube Delta’s heritage, eco-tourism, and adventure-filled landscapes. The breathtaking nature and immerses with a world of endless fauna of the Danube Delta cruising was accompanied by visits to the Aegessyus Fortress and Museum, Halmyris and Enisala Fortress, Orgame Fortress, Mila 23 and Letea Forest around Tulcea, Romania.

During one day cruising on the Danube Delta, an Evaluation Workshop and Project Partners Meeting was implemented with the participation of all partner organizations.

The accompanied International Conference “Sustainable Tourism, Heritage Management, and the Cultural and Creative Industries: Creating new investment opportunities at places of cultural significance” took place on June 8th-9th of June, 2023 at Hotel Delta in Tulcea and involved many experts in the area of tourism, digital culture and heritage entrepreneurship. The aim of the international event was to gain a common understanding of the latest challenges in tourism heritage management, including climate change perspectives and to explore the potential of the cultural and creative industries for sustainable tourism. More than 50 research papers were presented at International Conference in Tulcea, Romania, organized by Danube Black Sea University Foundation. The conference proceedings will be published in an accredited Publishing House in Romania and will be indexed in Central and Eastern European Online Library, EBSCO Host Research Databases and Scopus.

The Cultural and Creative Industries Roving Fair with participation of all partners and stakeholders was organized as a final event in Tulcea, Romania

The HERiPRENEURSHIP partners sincerely thanks to all participants during our final project event for the valuable contribution to heritage and culture sharing among the 6 countries from Black Sea Basin area: Moldova, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Greece, and Georgia.

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